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Finnish Heritage Week in Sharjah 14-18.11.2016

Greetings from Finland, the northernmost country in the European Union!

Suomalaisia kansallisasuja Hauho Säkylä, Suomalaisia kansallisasuja Hauho Säkylä
Traditional Finnish national dresses

The Sharjah Institute of Heritage has presented its invitation to arrange a Finnish Heritage Week in November 2016. Finland’s participation in the Heritage Week happens to take place just before Finland’s own centenary year of independence, 2017. Finland was declared an independent republic in 1917.

The event Finnish Heritage Week takes a look at Finland by introducing the characteristics that create the Finnish national identity. The respect for nature and cultural heritage has been a part of the basis of creativity, innovativeness and dynamism in Finland. Finland has been described as a high-tech country with strong roots in its cultural heritage.

The event is organized by the Finnish-Arabic Society in association with the Embassy of Finland. It is part of the centenary’s SUOMI FINLAND 100 -program.

The Finnish Heritage Week features folk dance performances by the USVA dance ensemble for young people, and concerts with the traditional kantele, which is a stringed instrument and a traditional Finnish harp, by the Unaja duo of two young musicians. The Heritage Week also introduces the visitors to the  carving of wooden birds demonstrating the handicraft heritage by Joel Nokelainen, shows them the making of traditional ryijy woven textiles and teaches them to play the kantele.

The related exhibition features, among other things, poster art presenting Finland by Professor Erik Bruun, old teaching placards related to folklore and traditions from 1912, and modern versions of traditional everyday objects and textile. There are also documentary films from the 1930s that showcase the Finnish way of life and heritage, and an almost 100-year-old unique film of wedding ceremonies in Karelia from year 1921 with music by composer Armas Launis. The programme will also include the colloquium “Perspectives on Heritage” related to folklore, the Kalevala epic and the documentation of heritage, with experts Dr. Lauri Harvilahti and museum director Jarno Peltonen, who will chair the event.

Events daily from 6pm to 10 p.m. Venue: Heritage House, Heritage Area, Sharjah.

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Learn more about Finland, the Finnish centenary year 2017 and the Finnish-Arabic Society.

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Updated 12/5/2016

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