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Frequently Asked Questions 

The entry to and residence in Finland of foreign nationals

As a rule, foreign nationals who need an entry visa are requested to apply it from the Finnish mission that represents Finland in their home country.

Bringing medication into the UAE

Some prescribed and over the counter medicines that are available in Finland are considered to be controlled substances in the UAE. Any such medication is not allowed into the UAE without a prior permission from the UAE Ministry of Health. If a passenger arrives in the UAE without a prior approval and the required documentation, the medication will not be allowed in the UAE and the person may be subject to prosecution under the laws of the UAE.

For personal use, up to three months supply of a prescription item can be brought into the country by a resident or a visitor if they can produce a doctor’s letter and an original prescription. Narcotic items should not be brought into the country. In exceptional cases they can be brought into the country with a prior permission from the Director of Medicine of the Ministry of Health.

The Embassy therefore recommends that you contact the Drug Control Department (DCD) of the Ministry of Health to check whether your medication is on the controlled list and as such requires prior permission for importation. The Deaprtment can be contacted through email or by calling +971 2 611 7240 or +971 2 632 7644.

Note! The above information is not official and the Embassy does not take responsibility for it being correct. 

Driving licence permit in Finland

Driving licence permit you can received from the police. Driving licence permit applications are submitted in person and in writing to the police department of the applicant's place of residence.

Importing and exporting pets

UAE regulations for the import of live animals (pets)

Entry of pets to the United Arab Emirates requires an Import Permit from the Ministry of Environment and Water which can be applied online. As a first step the applicant needs to register online in the Ministry’s website ( in order to have access to the online services and submit all the required documents. The minimum age for the animals is 4 months prior to export. The issued import permit is usually valid for 30 days.

The following documents are required for entry:

  1. Import application form that should be filled in electronically.
  2. Health certificate (fit to travel) issued from the concerned authority.
  3. Pet’s passport showing the Rabies Vaccination that must be at least 30 days old.
  4. Microchip number that should be clearly marked on the vaccine book or on a microchip certificate.
  5. Owner’s passport copy.
  6. Flight details.
  7. Fees of AED 200 + that will be paid at the airport upon arrival.

Note! In addition to this the owner of the pet must check the regulations from the Finnish authorities for exporting animals.

The UAE regulations for the export of live animals (pets)

Deportation of pets out of the United Arab Emirates requires an Export Permit from Abu Dhabi/Dubai International Airport. The export permit is normally valid for 15 days. The applicant must have in advance an amount of 100 E-Dirhams (obtained from Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank) for Abu Dhabi Airport and an amount of 200 E-Dirhams (obtained from Dubai Post Office) for Dubai Airport. Information on the e-dirham payment system can be found on the UAE Ministry of Finance webpages (

The following documents are required for exit:

  1. Owner’s passport copy.
  2. Pet’s passport and a copy of the vaccinations.

For more information and up-to-date contact details can be found from the website of the Ministry of Environment and Water

Note! In addition, the Finnish authorities require imported pets (dogs, cats and ferrets) to have i.e. identification system (microchip or tattoo) and treatment for echinococcosis. The above information may change and the Embassy does not take responsibility for it being up-to-date. The pet owners must always check the procedures with the authorities concerned.

Registration with the Embassy

 If you are a Finnish citizen living in the UAE, please register yourself and your family at the Embassy. This will allow our staff to get in touch with you if necessary. Whenever you leave the country please inform us.

Legalization of documents issued in Finland

For the use of the UAE authorities duly attested documents must first be authenticated by the local notary public in Finland. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Helsinki must then certify and authenticate the signature and seal of the notary public. After that the documents must be certified by the UAE Embassy in Stockholm. In the UAE the documents should be taken to the Foreign Ministry in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah office so that the stamp of the UAE Embassy may be authenticated and translated into Arabic by a sworn translator.

Legalization of documents issued in the UAE

To legalize documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates and school records, the following procedures are required:

  • The certificate should be issued in English or translated from Arabic by a sworn translator and authenticated by the notary public
  • The certificate needs to be authenticated by
    • the Ministry of Justice (Marriage Certificates Issued by the Church)
    • the Ministry of Health (Birth Certificates)
    • the Ministry of Education (School Certificates)
  • Certified and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE
  • Authenticated by the Finnish Embassy in Abu Dhabi

Good conduct certificate

If a Finnish citizen wishes to obtain a good conduct certificate in the UAE, the applicant has to submit the following:

  1. A letter explaining the purpose of obtaining the good conduct certificate.

  2. A record of the applicant’s complete finger-prints taken by an authorized agency. This has to be certified by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Helsinki and attested by the UAE Embassy in Stockholm.
  3.  4 passport size personal photographs.
  4. A copy of the passport with the former residence permit of the applicant, and a copy of that residence permit.
  5. A bank cheque of 35 USD (which includes return expenses).

These attachments can be mailed by a courier to one of the following addresses and certificates will be delivered by post.

For Abu Dhabi:

General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police
P.O. Box 253, Abu Dhabi
Tel: +971 2 446 1461
Fax: +971 2 409 2441

For Dubai:

Dubai Police Head Quarters
Certificate Section
SID Building
P.O. Box 1493, Dubai
Tel: +971 4 609 6412, +971 4 609 6418

Note! The above information is not official and the Embassy does not take responsibility for it being correct. For official and up to date information please refer to the above mentioned contacts.

Getting married in the UAE, Qatar or Bahrain

Marriage in the Church

Abu Dhabi: Finnish nationals who are residents of Abu Dhabi are able to marry at the Catholic Church (Tel: 02-446 1929), St Andrew’s Church (Tel: 02- 446 1631), or the Evangelical Church (Tel: 02-443 4350).

Dubai: Finnish nationals who are residents of Dubai are able to marry at the Holy Trinity Church (Tel: 04-337 0247), the Christ Church, Jebel Ali, (Tel: 04- 884 5436), or St Mary’s Church (Tel: 04- 337 0087).

The Churches will provide details of documentation, fees and other requirements. 

Marriage in Sharia Court

A marriage between two Muslims can be conducted in the Sharia court, as well as a marriage between a Muslim man and a non-Muslim woman. However, the court will not allow a non-Muslim man to marry a Muslim woman. The man must first convert to Islam. More information on this can be obtained from the Sharia court.

Two male witnesses are required. The bride’s father should either attend the Sharia court or provide a letter stating that he has no objection to his daughter marrying her fiancé. This letter should include the name of her fiancé and must be made before a notary public in the country of origin. It should then be attested by the country’s Foreign Ministry and its accredited UAE Embassy. Then it should be attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abu Dhabi. An Arabic translation by a sworn translator will be required if the original document is in English.  If the bride’s father is deceased, a letter of no objection from her eldest brother is required, along with a copy of the father’s death certificate. If the bride has no father or brothers an application will need to be made to the judge at the Sharia court to allow the marriage to proceed. The Bride is also required to provide a declaration that she is free and single from the Maistraatti office in Finland or from her parish Church.

Abu Dhabi: Both parties of the marriage must hold a resident visa issued in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. A medical test certificate (or marriage fitness certificate) should also be obtained from the Preventive Medicine Department (Tel: 02- 633 1300).

Dubai: At least one partner of the marriage must hold a resident visa issued in the Emirate of Dubai. A medical test certificates (or marriage fitness certificates) should also be obtained from both the Al Rifaa Clinic (Tel: 04- 393 07 77) and Ghur Al Anz (Tel: 04-266 69 78).

Note! The above information is not official and the Embassy does not take responsibility for it being correct. For official and up to date information please refer to the following:

Sharia Court Abu Dhabi
General Tel: +971 2 444 8300
Direct Tel: +971 2 651 2795, +971 2 651 2793

Sharia Court Dubai
General Tel: +971 4 334 7777
Direct Tel: +971 4 303 0406

Qatar: Finnish nationals who are resident or on a visit in Qatar are able to marry at both the Church and Sharia Court.

Bahrain: Only Finnish nationals who are resident in Bahrain are able to marry at both the Church and Sharia Court.

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