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Service Fees

 Fees from 14.2.2019.

Applies also for negative answers
•     Passport140590
•     Fast track passport160675
•     Emergency  passport160675
•     Temporary passport (for home journey)175735

•      Identity card

Permit's for entry and residence
Applies also for negative answers

•     Visa60255
•     Visa, applicant 0-5 years00
•     Visa, applicant 6-11 years35145
•     Visa transfer to a new travel document45--
 Residence permit
•      Residence permit4701980
•      Residence online permit application4201765
•     Worker's residence permit470-6001975-2525

•      Worker's online residence permit application

Kindly check the Finnish Immigration Services website for more information regarding the worker's residence permit application fees.

•     Student's residence permit3601515
•     Student's online residence permit application3001260
•     Minor's (under 18 years) residence permit2501050
•     Minor's (under 18 years) online residence permit application220925
Notary and similar services
Notarisation on the document itself or on a separate paper, e.g.
•     Authentication of a signature30--
•     Certification of a copy of an original document30--
•     Attestation of the content of a document30--
•     Legalisation30125
•     Affidavit (free of charge for Finnish pension,
student financial aid and social assistance)
•     Certificate of attesting real estate transfer160--
•     Merchant vessel's temporary certificate of citizenship200--
Assistance to Finnish citizens in distress
•     Transfer of money and arranging economic help40--
Photocopies and prints
•     Size A4/A3 page0.50--
•     Storage device (e.g. CD-ROM)20--
•     Photograph, copyrights with the embassy20--
•     and as use charge per publication50--
Expert services on the basis of time consumed
Includes such as training, lecturing, interpretation, translation,
research and other similar services
•     Each hour or part thereof150--
Other services
•     Lost and found property; documents issued by official authorities (passport, Kela card, driver's licence) are delivered to the local police of home area0--
•     Invoicing fee10--
•     Compensation of other expenses----
Citizenship decisions - Finnish Immigration Service
When paid to the Directorate of immigration's bank account,
the fee must be paid in full
•     Renunciation of nationality400--
•     Citizenship declaration320--
•     Citizenship declaration of minor applicants (under 18 years)100--
•     Citizenship declaration of so called "war children",
who were to the other Nordic countries due to the Second World war
•     Request for definition of citizenship status34--

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