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Crisis preparedness

Finnish diplomatic missions assist Finnish citizens and foreigners permanently living in Finland in crisis situations abroad. Local authorities are responsible for all citizens in their jurisdiction, and in case of a crisis situation, one should comply with the instructions given by the local authorities and follow the local media.

If you are travelling to United Arab Emirates, Qatar or Bahrain or living in these countries permanently, it is recommendable to read the crisis preparedness instructions of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of the Embassy. Everyone is responsible for their own safety, and familiarizing oneself with the proper procedures may increase the likelihood of surviving a crisis situation.

pdfPreparedness plan for Finns residing in UAE, Qatar and Bahrain

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Preparing for crisis situation abroad”

Travel notification

It is recommended that all Finnish citizens travelling or residing in United Arab Emirates, Qatar or Bahrain to provide their local contact information to Finnish authorities by filing a travel notification in (maintained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). In case of a crisis situation, it is also recommended that you inform your family/next of kin and the Finnish foreign mission about your situation.

Travel advice

When considering a trip abroad, it is advisable to pay attention to the safety of the destination. Country-specific information to assist in decision-making can be found in Travel Advice documents (in Finnish) provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs covering ca. 140 countries. Travel Advices clarify the current safety situation of the country in question. Summaries of these documents are available as text messages in either Finnish or Swedish.

Mobile service text message is provided at the cost of the operator's SMS fee, and can be obtained from the following numbers:

  • 16 358 (from the following operators: DNA, Elisa and TeliaSonera)
  • +358 400 358 300 (from all other operators)

The service sends you a summary of the Travel Advice of your selected country

  • TILAA country name (e.g. TILAA Yhdistyneet arabiemiirikunnat)  

The service sends you the contact information of Finland's diplomatic mission

  • YHTEYS country name (e.g. YHTEYS Yhdistyneet arabiemiirikunnat)

A traveller may also use the service to submit his or her contact details in case of a crisis situation. The contact details will be deleted after the trip.   

  • MATKALLA enter and exit dates, destination and additional information

Introduction to the mobile service in English

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